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Bloggers Wanted for Northwest Skier MagaZine Website

Are you a great, descriptive and fascinating storyteller? Can you whip out interesting short blog pieces almost as fast as you can type?

Do you love to ski or snowboard? Have a favorite ski resort or love to travel from one to another?

Starting in 1958, Northwest Skier Magazine features everything ski, snowboard and snow-related in the Northwest states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and even British Columbia.

Now we are looking for bloggers to post short by informative online articles every week or two throughout the ski season, and maybe some when the "snow doesn't fall."

We need news, information, tidbits, trivia, people, and the inside track of everything related to snow in the Northwest. There is so much to tell, so much to explain and so much to report - and we are looking for someone to do exactly that.

You do not have to have experience, but you must have a fair, complete, detailed and even funny writing style. We need someone who can write in a clear, crisp and concise style. Of course, if you have the experience that is a big plus, and if you have a portfolio that shows a breadth of work, we will be impressed.

Deadlines need to be met without fail. And, you have to learn how to upload the text and photos, along with notes documenting any interviews or facts you report. Occasionally, we may send you out to do longer pieces or interview people in the community.

You do know how to interview people, quote accurately, provide attributions and think like a journalist. We are not looking for a columnist, someone who wants to lecture the world, or someone who has an ax to grind.

This position is not a full-time job (far from it.) And you won't get rich. In fact, it pays just a pittance. But you will get famous in the rider world, and it is enjoyable.

So, if this sounds like you - pretty please with cream on top - please send us just one (and only one) 300-600 word blog about anything related to winter activities that shows your skill, your tact and your look at the world.

Visit NorthwestSkiers.com and apply today. Call: 800-854-2834 Email: Info@NorthwestSkiers.com For more detail: Bloggers Wanted for Northwest Skier Magazine Website Mention Ad #0282

Call: 800-854-2834 Email: For more detail: Bloggsers Wanted for Northwest Skier MagaZine Website Mention Ad #0282