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River Park Lodge

I may be biased but I'm a happy partner


OK yes I am prejudiced because I've been a member of this family for a very long time. But having working in the big corporate world I can tell you being in a close-knit fun and fast moving business is just the best.

Here we are providing a great service to traveling guests and property managers. Guests get to enjoy homes from the quaint to the spectacular. We help them pick and hold their hands to deliver a first rate experience. For managers we work to take better care of their homes than they do. Clean, tidy, well maintained and money in their pockets from renting unused time. What could be better than that?

That makes us happy. And we try to have friendly, out-going, enthusiastic people. On the other hand this is not the easiest job in the world. If you are looking to punch a clock and not give a darn you won't like it here. Everyone does their part and we all benefit with satisfaction and great incomes. I love it here. – Penny, Seattle, WA, phone: 206-701-9137