Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see what a place looks like. Video are even better because you see the scene up close as it changes from time to time.

Other Web Cameras

Loup Loup Summit Cam

WSDOT SR 20 - Loup Loup Summit
Camera ID: 0205
Description: WSDOT US 97 - Loup Loup Summit
Source: WSDOT.gov

CrescentBar Golf Cam

Sunserra Resort at Crescent Bar, WA
Camera ID: 2515
Description: The hidden treasure of Central Washington. Much to do and golf is just one of them.
Source: WeatherUnderground.com

Idaho I-90 Wallace E

East View I-90 Wallace Viaduct
Camera ID: 0896
Description: Wallace is a city in the western United States, the county seat of Shoshone County, Idaho, ... Interstate 90 passes through Wallace on an elevated freeway viaduct, completed in 1991.

Jct SR 174 Grand Coulee

WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Camera ID: 0211
Description: WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Source: WSDOT.com

Satus Pass on US 97

WSDOT US 97 Satus Pass
Camera ID: 0419

Sherman Pass

WSDOT SR - 20 Sherman Pass
Camera ID: 0208
Description: WSDOT SR - 20 Sherman Pass
Source: wsdot.com

Stampede Pass - Washington, Roslyn

Roslyn Camera
Camera ID: 1151
Source: See.cam

WSDOT Winthrop Camera

Looking West at new Sign West of Winthrop
Camera ID: 0150
Source: WSDOT.gov
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