Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see what a place looks like. Video are even better because you see the scene up close as it changes from time to time.

These cameras are outside of the area, but may be of interest.

Snoqualmie Pass Hyak Freeway, Washington State

one of four ski resorts at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State
Camera ID: 0006 Altitude: 2,810 Latitude: 47.3888 Longitude: -121.3994
Description: Freeway by Hyak Ski Area part of the Snoqualmie Pass Ski Resort. Checkout the driving.
Source: WSDOT.gov

Snoqualmie Pass Summit West, Washington State

One of four ski resorts on Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State
Camera ID: 0005 Altitude: 3,012 Latitude: 47.4237 Longitude: -121.4169
Description: West Ski Area at Snoqualmie Pass. Gentle terrain and night skiing too.
Source: WSDOT.gov

Sun Mountain Resort, Winthrop Washington

Sun Mountain Resort, Winthrop Washington
Camera ID: 0007 Altitude: 1,760 Latitude: 48.4784 Longitude: -120.1834
Description: Welcome to Wild West Winthrop Washington. Outdoor fun, horse, cowboys and all things western.
Source: SunMountainLodge.com

Trout Lake Washington

Trout Lake View Mt. Adams
Camera ID: 0425

WSDOT Winthrop Camera

Looking West at new Sign West of Winthrop
Camera ID: 0150
Source: WSDOT.gov

Schweitzer Mountain Basin Webcam

Schweitzer Basin Express Cam
Camera ID: 0168
Source: Schweitzer.com

Schweitzer Mountain Resort Selkirk Powder Guides

View from Selkirk Powder Guides, shot from their facility of the back side of the summit.
Camera ID: 0730
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