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Very nice. Very clean and very well equipped.


We had a little trouble at first finding the turn off for the property as there is no sign and the mailbox address is somewhat obscure. The facility was very nice. Very clean and very well equipped. We were unable to get the large TV in the games room to work other than for DVD's. Perhaps it is set that way but we thought to watch TV on it would have been nice.

Kitchen was awesome. Pool was okay but not used much - a new liner would be nice even though it is safe as it is. Never used the hot tub but in winter would be a nice feature. Did not use BBQ facility but it is a nice set up as well. Would prefer a pool that did not have roof over it.

Very peaceful location despite the frequency of trains. They are quiet despite being so close. No distractions by neighbors.

Enjoyed close proximity to Leavenworth and to Lake Wenatchee State Park and beach area. – William, Vancouver, BC

Manager's Response

I don't believe we are allowed to have outdoor signs. The TV has satellite programming and there is an instruction card. Next time feel free to call our 24/7 phone number of assistance. The home is called the Whistlestop but, as you noticed, the trains are quiet and seldom actually blow their whistles. In Leavenworth, from leavenworth, through the Chumstick Valley up through the village of Plain and through Lake Wenatchee the trains are a way of life. Many guests love the novelty. - Ron