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Stunning. Labor of love, fully stocked.

From start to finish. We spent a lot of time looking for OUR BEST vacation rental, no matter what, your spending a lot of money and you want to make sure that your absolutely satisfied/happy with what you get. I called and the lady who answered was really friendly, and very helpful, she recommend Zoe Lodge, the pictures looked amazing and was the price that we wanted. The rental, however, was in fact awesome. Stunning. Labor of love, fully stocked with everything you could ever think of or want in a house. Every surface looked like you could fall down on it, curl up, and be completely satisfied with life till the end of your days there. The only hitch was some of the electronics were a little to high tech for us and we couldn't get the large flat screen TV, the DVDs and the wireless to work properly (the wireless was not too high tech we were able to connect just no internet). I loved the lightness and I liked that you could keep an eye or ear on the kids from anywhere in the house from the comfort of the sofa, in the beautiful loft, with the beautiful window, in front of the beautiful river. -Walter This lodge was amazing from a kids perspective. All the space to explore and show full curiosity. The view was beautiful and there can be a lot of memories to share there.P.S. dont dip your head or body in the river. – Walt